3B Scientific® Episiotomy Suture Trainer

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3B Scientific® Episiotomy Suture Trainer
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Obstetrics simulation to improve clinical skills!

  • Sutureable muscle and skin layers
  • Palpable muscles
  • Includes a stable removable stand
The episiotomy and suture trainer provides realistic help with practicing taking care of and closing birth injuries after vaginal births. The medical personnel (midwives and doctors) should be continuously trained in diagnosing and taking care of birth injuries. With this trainer, taking care of the following birth injuries can be practiced and demonstrated:

Median episiotomy
Mediolateral episiotomy
Lateral episiotomy
Vaginal tears
Labial tears

To make caring for and closing these birth wounds as realistic as possible, the following muscle structures can be palpated and sutured in the perineal area:
M. sphincter ani externus (outer anal sphincter muscle)
M. transversus perinei superficialis (superficial transverse perineal muscle)
M. bulbospongiosus (bulbospongiosus muscle)
Muscle and skin layers can be sutured separately.

Each cut can be sutured several times; by repeating the procedure, the midwifery and obstetrics students learn about professional wound management. The suture technique can be recorded and assessed by the trainers so that students can improve, after which the students can practice again once the sutures have been removed. The material used for the simulation of the tissue feels realistic, and it is easy to keep clean. The complete trainer does not take up much room when stowed away. The adjustable holder for the simulated tissue stands firmly on the table without slipping. The insert can be taken out of the holder and then worked on while it is lying on the table.