Extra Bright Laser Pointer

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470111-384EA 63.6 USD
Extra Bright Laser Pointer
Laser Pointers
High-brightness, red light laser pointer with integral adjustable-focusing lens.

  • Small size
  • High-quality collimated laser beam
  • Adjustable focus laser beam
  • Beam diameter mm 1.10
  • Beam divergence mRad 1.20
  • Battery powered for convenient and portable operation
It produces a very bright beam of light and its 635 nm emission is a near match to the long-used helium-neon 632.8 nm emission laser. Featuring an adjustable lens, the laser beam can be focused to a fine spot for detail or "opened" to show a broader view for any type of optical experiment or presentation. This laser is a great product for educational use, audio/visual presentations.

Ordering information: Includes carrying case and two AAA batteries.