Ozobot Bit Starter Pack

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Ozobot Bit Starter Pack
Ozobot Bit blends coding and creativity in endless fun experiences.

  • Free app and web editor
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of online resources
Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes—short color code sequences—that you draw with markers and paper. Use OzoCodes to command the bot to speed up, slow down, spin and more to complete mazes and challenges. The Starter Pack includes all of the necessary tools to ignite imaginations in ages 6 and up. Whatever your child can dream up, Ozobot Bit can do!

The Starter Pack comes with an OzoCode reference sheet and over 20 activities. When your child has completed the hours of activities in the box, they can download an Ozobot app or discover all-new games, lessons and coding challenges on the Ozobot website. Kids can also use the OzoBlocky web editor to learn block-based programming principles.

Ordering information: 1 Ozobot Bit (Cool Blue); 1 USB charging cable; 4 Ozobot markers; 2 skins, DIY stickers; OzoCode reference sheet; OzoDice game; 20 additional STEAM activities.