Forensic Bundle Kit

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470227-632KT 525 USD
Forensic Bundle Kit
Bring crime scene investigation to the classroom.

  • Forensic bullet class size
  • Forensic bullet comparison set
  • Forensic cartridge casing comparison
  • Trajectory kit
  • Teacher activities and instructions
What are bullets made of and how do they work? How does the rifling inside a gun barrel leave a "fingerprint" on bullets? How do observations of a spent bullet relate to information in published databases? How can this information help identify gun type and manufacture? Using detailed observations, how can bullets and cartridge cases be used to link suspects and/or weapons to a crime scene? How can angle measurements and simple match be applied to estimate shooter location and height?

With the huge popularity of many forensic tv shows thse days, forensic science has also moved to the mainstream in culture and teaching. Many students know what a bullet is but do not understand all that goes into what happens when a bullet is fired. This Forensics Bundle allows the students to become their own CSI detectives. They get to decypher clues to the crime and try to crack the case. Having investigative fun while learning physics, mathematics, observation skills and analytics.