SF11-C Laser Rangefinder, 120 m

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470227-302EA 281.99 USD
SF11-C Laser Rangefinder, 120 m
The lightweight, compact LightWare SF11-C is an ideal laser altimeter for UAVs.

  • Outputs 16 readings per second for very quick data refresh
  • Multiple interfaces for use with different types of flight controllers or other embedded systems
  • Configurable baud rate 9600-115200
  • Ready to use with no calibration needed
  • Set optional configurations with the free LightWare Terminal Software
  • 18" (46 cm) USB A to MicroB cable and 7-wire cable/plug included
Its time-of-flight system makes accurate distance measurements that are not affected by speed, wind, changes in barometric pressure, noise, ambient light, or air temperature.

For a quick test, simply connect the SF11-C's USB port to your computer with the included 18"" USB A to Micro-B Cable. Open a serial terminal and set it to 115,200 kbps; formatted distance readings are immediately available.

Application Ideas:
Altimeter for the ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter and other UAVs, detecting distance between craft and ground
Calculating speed of moving objects or vehicles
Measuring depth of materials (snow, fluid, sand) from above
Counting passing objects in a monitoring or control system