3D Printer Nobel 1.0A

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470226-918EA 2019.99 USD
3D Printer Nobel 1.0A
Finally an affordable SLR 3D printer.

  • Nobel 1.0A monitors the printing process and displays the remaining amount of resin at any time
  • The printer has an auto-filling resin system to ensure that users have the proper amount of resin before every print
XYZware_Nobel software has improved slicing speeds by 20% and is able to automatically analyze the features of the model and add support structures where necessary.

Nobel 1.0A SL Laser 3D printer has an enhanced Laser Scanning Unit (LSU) that improves the precision of the engine’s laser to 130 microns X/Y resolution and up to 25 micron layer thickness. The LSU results in higher accuracy for spectacular complex and intricate details. UV Laser 405nm Class 1 certification with Product Shell is safe for home use and all enclosed design protects users from ultraviolet ray during printing, and ensures printing by products aren’t released outside the printing area. By improving the resin-filling mechanism, The Nobel 1.0 provides a stable SL printing quality so that users do not need to add liquid resin constantly throughout the printing process. The Nobel 1.0 is a plug and play 3D printer featuring a USB port, users can simply plug in a USB drive and press print. Few touches of the button, your prints come out perfectly.

See the user manual for more specifications.