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Educator/Geologist / Science Integration Teacher / Milwaukee, WI
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At a previous school, I had other coquina specimens from Ward's and those samples contained visible flutings on the shell fragments making it quite easy for students to identify seashells. Now at a new school, I ordered specimens for a rock identification lab that was missing coquina as a sample type. The samples I received from Ward's did contain some specimens with fluted shell fragments, but their presence took an experienced eye to readily identify. Most samples contained shell fragments less than 2 mm with an occasional fluted shell fragment larger than 5 mm. At the primary and secondary level, these samples will probably be the only coquina specimens they have ever seen, and most likely, the only coquina sample they will ever see unless the student enrolls in a post-secondary course in geology. I would like to be able to offer my students better specimens, especially a rock type as distinct as coquina. I spoke with the Ward's geologist who informed me these were the best samples currently in stock.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 03/15/2022
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry the coquina did not meet your expectations and are working to find a better source for our coquina.
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Ward's Science Essentials® Coquina
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Coquina is variety of limestone made up of shell fragments.

  • Perfect sized specimens for hands on investigations
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