Da Vinci 2.0 3D Printer

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470224-756EA 555.49 USD
Da Vinci 2.0 3D Printer
Create inventive designs and produce more colorful and detailed prints.

  • Easy to install filament cartridges available in many vivid colors
  • FFF (fused filament fabrication) technology
  • Dual nozzle print head
  • ABS filament material
  • Multi language
The da Vinci 2.0 Duo features two extruders allowing you to create multi-color projects using the 13 filament colors available in easy-to-install cartridges. Filament Cartridges are designed and tested to ensure that there is no distortion in color or form ensuring your designs come out perfect every time.

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The da Vinci 2.0 is fully-enclosed to protect not only you and your family from the heated extruders and print bed, but also protect your creations from accidental bumps and jars.
The da Vinci 2.0 comes fully assembled and ready-to-go right out of the box with various useful tools such as automated nozzle cleaning and print bed detection for assisted leveling. da Vinci 2.0 is your choice for an easy, hassle-free, 3D printing experience.

The da Vinci 2.0 comes with filament-detection technology and a simple cartridge slot system. You can now keep track of and quickly refill or replace your filament with ease!