Sense Robot

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Sense Robot
Solve Real-World Challenges with Code

  • Program a robot and bring code to life
  • Teach basic to advanced coding languages
  • Compatible with NeuLog probeware
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity
Make sense of coding, engineering, and programming with this easy-to-use robot that teaches real-world coding skills and brings STEM to life in your classroom. Sense makes it simple for students to solve engineering challenges with code, program a real robot, and see their ideas in action. Program Sense to do hundreds of tasks, including move along a path, become a self-driving car, track and follow other moving objects using infrared technology, and so much more. It can even measure and monitor environmental factors in conjunction with over 45 sensors in the NeuLog collection of probeware, available separately. This robust system grows and expands as students’ knowledge builds, so all you need is one device for beginning to advanced coding instruction. Start with basic coding language using Visual Block, then progress to advanced languages including XML, Java Script, and Python as students’ skills grow.

Ordering information: Kit includes one robot, three connectors for NeuLog Sensors or brain units, five IR range sensors, line sensor, pivot wheel, two motors with wheels, remote control, “RockblocklySense” browser-based programming software, and flash memory for user programs. Wi-Fi and battery available separately.