Genotype vs. Phenotype: Genetics of Taste

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Genotype vs. Phenotype: Genetics of Taste
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Engage students with a genetics and PCR kit that has a direct link to a testable phenotype.

  • Fast and simple protocol for easy integration into biotechnology or forensics lessons
  • Introduce students to DNA isolation; PCR and DNA electrophoresis
  • A step beyond the standard PTC taste-paper test
Students are tested for their ability to taste Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) a substance that either tastes very bitter or is relatively tasteless depending on the genetics of the taster. Students taste a sample of PTC and extract their DNA and comparee through PCR their phenotypic result to their genotypic result.

Ordering information: Kit includes: DNA isolation components (lysis buffer/neutralizer), PCR reaction components including master mix (primers and enzymes) and DNA ladder. Kits come with directions to download instructional material and procedures. This kit includes the components needed to isolate DNA from students, as well as the PCR components needed to amplify DNA.

Equipment Needed But Not Included: Microcentrifuge, PCR Thermal Cycler, micropipettes and tips, PCR tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes, heat block or water bath, TAE Buffer, DNA Electrophoresis equipment/reagents including transilluminator/light box for analysis.

Delivery information: Kits include perishable materials, please provide a delivery date at check-out.

Packaging: Kits contain reagents only.