Clever Catch® Math Education Balls

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Homeschool parent / Teacher / Colorado
Yes, I recommend
The ball is neat, and has a variety of question types (word problems, multiplication facts, picture problems). It is bigger than I was expecting, but that makes it more fun. The only downside is that it doesn't hold air very well.
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Clever Catch® Math Education Balls
Interactive Student Review.

  • Fun and Challenging
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free
These 24 inch vinyl balls can be thrown around the room from student to student. The question under the students left thumb, is the one to answer! Each inflatable ball has numbered questions, enclosed in its own box, with an included answer key.

Sample questions include:
7 X 6 - 1 + 6=? (Mental Math)
Define complimentary angles (Geometry 1)
What is the formula for the volume of a right prism? (Geometry 2)
Solve for X if X+5<17 (Pre-Algebra 2)
Find the midpoint between (2,6) and (-4,4) (Algebra 1)
On average, how many times would you have to roll a 6 sided die to get all six numbers? (Probability and Statistics).