2016-2017 Science Olympiad Scrambler Kit

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Medical / Nurse Practitioner / Tar Heel, NC
Yes, I recommend
The instructions are not clear for anyone, particularly young students. After my children placed the two short dowel rods in the bottom of the backstop (within the instructed first 1.0 cm) and secured it, the bottom of the dowel rods from the floor was less than 5.0cm (regulations are 5.0cm - 10.0cm). Other than that I feel the materials are age appropriate.
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Higher Education Administrator
No, I didn't recommend
I agree with the other one star reviewer. This kit is not helpful at all. It is not a "complete kit" regardless of Ward consulted with. I could have easily gone to a hardware store and purchased all these items just by reading the Scrambler description and rules given to me as an event coach. I will STILL have to a store to buy plywood to build the Scrambler. Finally, I paid $20 for shipping and given the contents if the box, the price for shipping was a total joke. This is a complete rip-off. I strongly urge you to NOT buy this. It is not a "kit." It is a few cheap parts thrown in a box and the directions are worthless.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 02/02/2017
Thanks for your review. Our kits are designed to include the components needed from one source instead of having to visit the hardware store and do it yourself. Our kit does include 3 x 24 x 25 pieces of wood to act as the structure of the scrambler vehicle. It is up to the competitor to purchase more wood If they prefer a different design. This kit is meant to include components for an introductory design, so if the competitor chooses to make their design more detailed, it is up to them to purchase more equipment. The directions were designed by the National Event Supervisor for this event so I will be sure to pass your feedback to them for next season. Thank you again for your review, your feedback is important.
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education / teacher / Boothwyn, PA
No, I didn't recommend
This is a grossly over-priced kit that does not include the necessary way to launch the vehicle or make it travel in a curved path. They should be ashamed to sell this kit that has parts that are worth less than $10 as well as poorly written instructions without diagrams.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 02/24/2017
Dear valued customer, the 2016-2017 Science Olympiad kits were designed hand-in-hand with the Science Olympiad Event Supervisors. This year’s Scrambler kit follows the guidelines that we received from the Science Olympiad organization. The competition is meant for students to use creative thinking and problem solving to build their Scrambler to travel on a curved path. What we supply is an introductory design meant for students to improve upon prior to the competition. In regards to the instructions and diagrams, we will be sure to share your feedback with the event supervisor when we kick off the 2017-2018 development. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important to us.
470222-702KT 48.34 USD
2016-2017 Science Olympiad Scrambler Kit
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by Science Olympiad!

  • All Science Olympaid practice kits contain official event rules and introductory design suggestions
  • Includes materials to build one Scrambler
The winning model will be constructed by the student after they apply what they have learned from the practice kit.

Ordering information: Kit includes CD-ROM; 4, Snap-on Hub for CD-ROM; 4, Super Wheels; 50 mm, Basswood; .25 x 3 x 24 '', L-Shaped Bracket, Threaded Rod; 8-32, Hexnut; 8-32, Wingnut; 8-32, Wooden Dowels; 12 x 1/4, and Jet Glue.