Backyard Brains® Human to Human Interface

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Backyard Brains® Human to Human Interface
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology Learning Activities
Use your muscles and a microcontroller to send signals into another person’s arm.

  • Unit Allows Users to Control Their Family and Friends by Taking Their Free Will
  • Users' Muscles and a Microcontroller Send Signals into Another Person’s Arm
  • No Neuroscience Experience Necessary
  • Users Can Utilize the Provided Collection of Experiments or Create Their Own
  • Fist-Sized Device
Backyard Brains introduces the Human-Human-Interface (HHI), the most powerful way to learn about exciting neuroscience concepts. With this fist-sized device, be ready to surprise yourself, your friends, and your enemies. The HHI offers an exceptional hands-on experience of cutting-edge neuroscience that was formerly available only to researchers or university students. The device works by analyzing the electrical signals in your muscles in a microcontroller (a small, easily programmable computer). When you flex, the HHI sends an electrical signal into another person, causing their arm to move against their will. Be the controller and experience the power of mind-control, or be the controlled and experience the complete loss of free will.

The HHI includes everything you need to start controlling other humans as soon as you open it. Controlling another human is as easy as plugging in a few wires.

Ordering information: The HHI contains 1 TENS unit with modified cable for interfacing with the Muscle SpikerShield, 1 Arduino with a pre-loaded code, 1 Muscle SpikerShield that mates with Arduino, 1 orange muscle electrode cable with three alligator clips (Red, Red, Black), 1 9V battery, and 100 electrodes.