Backyard Brains® Muscle SpikerBox

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Backyard Brains® Muscle SpikerBox
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Users detect and hear the electricity hidden in their muscles and display them in real time on their mobile or tablet device with the Muscle SpikerBox.

  • No Neuroscience Experience Necessary
  • Compact and Portable
  • Collection of More than 50 Experiments Provided
  • Users Can Create Their Own Experiments
  • SpikerBox Allows Users to Hear the Electricity in Their Muscles
Backyard Brains announces another one of its famous DIY Neuroscience kits: the Muscle SpikerBox. Users can now detect the electricity in their muscles, called the electromyogram or EMG, and display them in real time right on mobile or tablet devices. The Muscle SpikerBox is Backyard Brain’s first invention that allows users to see and hear the electrical activity of their own bodies. It can record from any muscle from the small, complex muscles in hands to the large, powerful muscles in legs and arms. The whole EMG is pocket-sized, making it portable for outdoor experiments.

Users are the scientist and the experiment. Simple and non-invasive skin surface electrodes connect them to the Muscle SpikerBox through an intuitive, color-coded cable. Plug it into a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a standard audio cable, and watch the bioelectric activity live. Weightlifters can learn how muscles work together to generate force, rock climbers learn how muscles fatigue, cyclists can measure changes in their muscles over time, and everyone can learn how the brain controls the rest of the body. The bundle includes everything needed to replicate pre-published experiments or design your own.

Ordering information: The Muscle SpikerBox contains 1 SpikerBox (9V battery included), 1 orange muscle electrode cable with three alligator clips (red, red, black), 6 EMG sticker patch electrodes for large muscles, 1 adjustable wooden electrode holder for small muscles, 1 small bottle of electrode gel for use with the small muscle electrode, 1 smartphone cable to see and record spikes on mobile devices, 1 laptop cable to view and record data onto a laptop and attach an external amplifier/speaker, and 1 getting-started guide.