Comprehensive Animal Kingdom Sets

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Comprehensive Animal Kingdom Sets
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Diverse Collection of Organisms from Many Phyla.

  • Explore the animal kingdom right in your classroom
  • Learn about animal diversity
  • Compare and contrast organisms
Enable students to explore the diversity of life within the animal kingdom and build your classroom specimen collection quickly and economically with these cost-effective and comprehensive animal kingdom specimen sets, available in groups of 48 or 96 individually-labeled jars. Set A includes all specimens in the Deuterostomes, Ecdysozoans 1, Protostomes, and General Specimen 1 Sets; Set B includes all specimens in the Ecdysozoans 2, Acoelomates, and general specimens 2 and 3 Sets. Set C includes all specimens in both A and B.

Ordering information: Please note that exact species may very depending availability and regulatory changes. Please see our substitution list for the most common substitutions.