ken-a-vision Comparison Scope 2

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TU-19241C TU-19243C
470217-606EA 1999 USD
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ken-a-vision Comparison Scope 2
The Comparison Scope 2 is the perfect classroom microscope for teaching forensics and comparative sciences

  • Lights above and below the stage for viewing macro specimens and slides
  • Side-by-side comparisons of forensics (shell casings, hair samples) and biology (tissue types, normal/abnormal cells)
  • Built-in storage compartment for battery charger/power cord
  • Ergonomic design allows for comfort while focusing
This microscope lets you compare two slides side-by-side with each viewed separately in a full-field or together in a split screen with high-quality optics and independent focusing on each microscope base. This microscope has a unique USB charging system that allows the user to charge the cordless microscope by traditional electrical outlet or by a USB port.