Avian Development Slides

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470182-442 470182-460 470182-454 470182-456 470177-030 470182-446 470182-470 470182-480 470177-034 470182-500 470182-488 470182-494 470182-438 470182-468 470177-032
Avian Development Slides
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Explore Developmental Biology.

  • Investigate varying ages of developing chicks
  • Illustrates specific structures at developmental stages
  • Clearly distinguishable features
Chickens are historic model organisms for developmental studies. They are particularly useful in comparative anatomy and vertebrate embryology studies because of the similarities in embryological development across many vertebrate species, including humans.

Ordering information: Choose from a variety of individual slides ranging from 12-92 hr. development in an assortment of slide types.