Ward's® Preserved Freshwater Perch

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470000-476PK 249.95 USD
470000-476 470000-552 470000-780 470001-496 470000-908 470001-498 470001-500 470000-778
Ward's® Preserved Freshwater Perch
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Ecology Learning Activities
Formalin preserved perch, shipped in nontoxic Wardsafe. Available in vacuum packs or pails

  • Vertebrate anatomy
  • Bony fish anatomy
  • High quality preservation
Yellow perch, Perca flavescens, are bony fishes of the class Osteichthyes. Perch make a great dissection for middles chool, high school and college students alike. Introduce topics like vertebrate anatomy and bony fish anatmony. Ideal for studying external anatomical features, internal organs and organ systems. Plain and single-injected specimens are available. Single injected specimens are injected with red latex to highlight the arterial system.




Item # Grade Size Chemical/physical specifications Height Length Width Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
470233-546 Laboratory 19 L Handi-Pak - - - WARDSafe™
Hazardous Product
Each (19l) Retrieving Restricted
470016-918 - Standard - 4 cm 29 cm 19 cm Pan and Pad
Each Retrieving
470220-350 - - - - - - Bookstore Dissection Kit
Each Retrieving