Sound Level Sensor

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470219-366EA 69.99 USD
Sound Level Sensor
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The sound level sensor allows users to easily measure sound level in decibels (dB) in a variety of school settings. Simply connect and collect, as no background knowledge of sound-level weighting, response times, or the decibel scale is needed to use this sensor.

The sound level sensor is A-weighted, meaning it responds to sound loudness the same way the human ear does. It measures sound level to within 3 dB along a single range from 55 to 110 dB, with no need to switch between ranges during an experiment. Monitor classroom sound levels, measure reverberation time, and investigate sound insulation.

For in-depth sound studies, the sound level meter is a better tool for high school or college physics. If users are interested in collecting sound waves data, use the vernier microphone.

Delivery information: Includes sound level sensor and user manual.