Basic Proscope HR Kit, with 50x Lens

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470219-236EA 317.39 USD
Basic Proscope HR Kit, with 50x Lens
The ProScope HR is a USB handheld digital microscope designed for use with a computer. With a high-quality CMOS sensor and universal lens mount, the ProScope HR is a powerful addition to any classroom.

Each kit includes ProScope HR software that allows users to capture still images, time lapse photography, and movies. You can also use the award-winning Logger Pro software (sold separately) to add images to an experiment or lab report to illustrate a concept. Video capture and analysis tools to show live footage and an “instant replay” of an experiment!

Get started on capturing high resolution microscopic images of hair follicles, microwriting on dollar bills, and more with the 50X lens.

ProScope HR base
ProScope HR software
50X len

Image sensor: 1/4″ inch high resolution 1.3 megapixel sensor
Connection type: USB
Image capture resolutions: 320×240 pixels, 640×480 pixels, 1280×1024 pixels
Video capture resolutions: 320×240 pixels @ 30 fps, 640×480 pixels @ 15 fps, 1280×1024 pixels @ 3.75 fps