Boreal Standard Compound Microscope Promotion

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Education / Manager / Dallas, TX
Yes, I recommend
These Boreal compound microscopes are great for classroom use. They are very durable, easy to use, and cordless. The buy 5 get 1 free deal makes these very affordable. I expect to be able to use these for quite a few years!
Reply associate Published 12/01/2023
Great feedback! We expect you to be able to use these for years to come as well. Should you ever experience a problem, don't hesitate to contact us. We have a great microscope expert on staff to assist you. For support, email us at [email protected]
470218-186KT 305.09 USD
470218-186 470218-184
Boreal Standard Compound Microscope Promotion
Our Boreal Standard Microscope features all metal construction, a rugged "student-proof" design and precision optics making it a favorite among educators.

  • Special promotional offers!!
  • Buy 5, get 1 free
  • Buy 1 and get a free slide set
  • Boreall lifetime warranty
Features include plain stage, 4X, 10X, 40XR objectives and cordless LED illumination. All Boreal Microscopes are backed by our All-inclusive Warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping costs with no restriction on ownership.

Take advantage of this limited time offer. Buy 1 Boreal Standard Microscope and receive our Introductory Epithelial Tissue Slide Set, free!

Slide Set includes: Squamous epithelium, frog skin (wm); Simple squamous mesothelium, mesentery (wm); Simple ciliated Columnar epithelium (sect); Stratified squamous epithelium, esophagus (sect); Simple cuboidal epithelium, thyroid (sect). Set of five slides.