Plastinated Sheep Heart

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Plastinated Sheep Heart
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A Perfect Display For Dissections

These sheep hearts are expertly prepared and double injected so veinus structure can be seen, as well as external structures. After injection and dissection, the heart is plastinated giving it the appearance of a dissection, with the durability of a model.
The whole heart is not divided and allows for external examination only.
The bisected heart is cut longitudinally after plastination and allows students to examine and view the internal and external anatomy of the heart.

Produced for Ward's by Dalian Hoffen, an innovator in the techniques of plastination, plastinated specimens combine anatomical models and real-life dissections. The process of plastination gives these preserved specimens durability allowing for regular handling and a full view of the specimen. The process also maintains all of the detail from an expertly dissected specimen, but without any odor. The durability of plastinated specimens are designed for lab practicals, as guides for dissection, as a display similar to a museum mount, or as a study specimen.

Ordering information: As these are actual specimens, not painted replicas, each is unique and may vary from the photograph.