Econo™ Lister Bandage Scissors, Floor Grade, Sklar®

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Econo™ Lister Bandage Scissors, Floor Grade, Sklar®
Econo™ Lister Bandage scissors are a versatile instrument with multiple uses.

  • For more than 120 years, Sklar has set the standard for surgical instrumentation
  • With five major surgical instruments lines, Sklar is able to deliver superior precision for any surgical procedure
  • All Sklar products are industry standard
The jaws of the Lister Bandage scissors are angled with the lower blade being slightly longer. The tip of the lower blade features a flattened blunt nodule that is intended to slide between bandages and skin without harming the skin. This feature allows Lister Bandage Scissors to be used during cesarean section to open the uterus without causing inadvertent injury to the baby. Ring handles can be equal in size or with one ring larger.

Econo™ instruments are floor-grade, disposable instruments. Made in Pakistan, they eliminate the need for cleaning and reprocessing. They also reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination. Econo™ instruments are available in bulk quantities.

They are used for sizing dressings and removing circumferential bandages. They may also be used to cut tougher material such as plaster, fabric and occasionally umbilical cord.