2015-2016 Science Olympiad Electric Vehicle Kit

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No, I didn't recommend
I cannot comment on the kit itself as it has been weeks since we ordered and there is still no kit. When contacting Ward's they simply told us it wouldn't be in for another 2 weeks. There was no notice on the site to expect a delay. There is no excuse for this kind of terrible customer service. If you can find your supplies anywhere else, I recommend you do so.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 09/26/2016
The Science Olympiad Electric Vehicle Kit was scheduled to be released to the public at the end of December 2015. We received these kits into our warehouse on 12/29/15 and immediately started shipping them out to the customers on the backorder list. You should be receiving this kit soon. The web messaging that currently shows for these kits is "made to order." This web message will then trigger a disclosure on the order form, saying that manufacturing may take 30 days, which is our standard lead time for custom items. Thanks for your review, your feedback is important.
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2015-2016 Science Olympiad Electric Vehicle Kit
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by Science Olympiad!

This kit includes:

4 CD hubs
4 Super Wheels, 50mm
Hobby Plywood
4 L-shaped brackets
3 Threaded Rods
14 Hex Nuts, 8-32
1 Wingnut, 8-32
2 Wooden Dowels, 1/4
1 Gear with Bushing, 50T
1 Gear with Bushing, 40 T
1 Gear with Bushing, 30 T
1 Gear with Bushing, 20 T
Self Adhesive Clip, 5/8 in
1/2 oz Jet Glue
22 Gauge Insulated Wire
Geabox Motor with 4 mm Shaft
Worm Gear for 2mm Shaft
Motor Pulley for 2mm Shaft
9V Heavy Duty Battery
Holder for 9V Battery, Steel
Micro Switch
6V-9V Motor

**All Science Olympaid practice kits contain official event rules and introductory design suggestions. The winning model will be constructed by the student after they apply what they have learned from the practice kit.