2015-2016 Science Olympiad Chemistry Events Labware Kit

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2015-2016 Science Olympiad Chemistry Events Labware Kit
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by Science Olympiad!

This kit includes:

2 Plastic Aprons, 36x46 adult size
2 Fine Tip Tweezers, 115mm
1 Ceramic Disc Magnet, 5.8mm x 6.4mm
Set of 5 Polypropylene Berakers, 50mL to 1000mL
1 Bristled Test Tube Brush, 24cm
1 Polypropylene Funnel, 75mm
1 Test Tube Clamp
Thermometer, -20C to 110C
Conductivity Indicator Tester
4 Polystyrene Plates
Vial of 100 pH Papers, Wide Range
6 Test Tubes, 16 x 150mm
2 Safety Goggles, Indirect Vent, Uncoated.
2 Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles, 125mL
1 Sterile Petri Dish, 100 x 15mm
2 Pencils with Eraser
1 Plastic and Coverslip Set
1 Zip Plastic Bag, 4mL
Pack of 20 Disposable Pipet Droppers
Pack of 100 Medium Grade Filter Paper, 7.5cm
1 Cobalt Glass Plate, 5 x 5 cm
Pack of 100 Wood Splint
1 Alkaline Battery, 9V
1 Plastic Test Tube Rack for 12 tubes, 25mm
Pack of 20 Scoopula
10 Inoculating Loops, 28cm

**All Science Olympaid practice kits contain official event rules and introductory design suggestions. The winning model will be constructed by the student after they apply what they have learned from the practice kit.