2015-2016 Science Olympiad Wright Stuff Kit

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Police / Police / Alabama
No, I didn't recommend
This my son's first science Olympiad and mine. He came to me for in building his Wright stuff plane and I was excited to help him. But I could not help because the instructions call for pieces that are not even in the kit. I have searched the Internet for help also and have found none. Page one of the instructions calls for items with dimensions that are not on the inventory or on the kit. Maybe we should found a beginner kit or maybe I just don't understand. What a let down.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 06/01/2016
Unfortunately a typo was discovered in the Wright Stuff instructions several weeks ago which led to some confusion. However, all of the balsa is correct in the kit. The only error was in the instructions. I will reach out to you via email to send an updated copy. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important us.
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Engineering / Coach / Los Angeles, CA
No, I didn't recommend
Warning: This kit lacks complete, detailed instructions on how to build even the basic model. Drawings have less than minimal explanations, lacks views of critical parts and has very little assembly instructions.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 06/01/2016
The purpose of our Science Olympiad practice kits are to give the students a basic, introductory understanding of the event in question. The student will then build on this introductory design to make it their own for competition. Ward's Science is not a supplier for competition-ready models, as the objective of the Science Olympiad competition is to allow the students' innovative qualities to come to fruition. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important.
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2015-2016 Science Olympiad Wright Stuff Kit
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by Science Olympiad!

This kit includes:

Balsa, 1/8 x 1/8 x 36
4 Balsa, 3/32 x 3/32 x 36
10 Balsa, 1/16 x 1/16 x 36
1/2 ox Jet Glue
2 oz Jet Glue Accelerator
Pack of 10 Razor Blade w/ Safety Edge
5 Balsa, 1/8 x 1/4 x 36
250 yd Cotton Thread, Blue
4 Prop Assemblies, 5-1/2 w/ Nose Piece
Pack of 50 Grip Pins
60 yd Masking Tape, Blue
Produce Bags
4 Balsa, 1/8 x 3/8 x 36
Plastic Bag, Zip, Pack of 50
5 Balsa, 1/8 x 1/8 x 36
Winder, 15:1 Ratio for 1/8 in Rubber Band
8 ft Rubber, 3/32 in
Bottle w/ Needle, 2 oz
1 Balsa, 1/16 x 3 x 36

**All Science Olympaid practice kits contain official event rules and introductory design suggestions. The winning model will be constructed by the student after they apply what they have learned from the practice kit.