5075HSG Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave, Heidolph Tuttnauer

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10017-730EA 53897.83 USD
5075HSG Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave, Heidolph Tuttnauer
Dry Sterilizers Autoclaves (Steam Sterilizers)
Stainless Steel Chamber and Door with Electro-Polish Finish
High-Volume Water-Ring Vacuum Pump
Standby Heating Mode
Built-in Alphanumeric Printer
Complete Air Removal

  • A pre-vacuum pump removes the air from the chamber and then admits a pulse of steam
The unit includes a built-in alphanumeric printer. Unit requirements include a 5 cm (2") building drain (floor sink recommended) and 4750 BTU/hour heat load to room. Additional features include two RTD load probes for liquid cycles and a double-locking safety device that prevents the door from opening at high pressure and high temperature. The control lock-out switch prevents the start of a cycle if the door is not properly locked. The vacuum autoclave includes a 316-grade stainless steel chamber and door with electro-polish finish and a high-volume water-ring vacuum pump for fast and efficient air removal. The standby heating mode keeps the autoclave warm and ready for use.

This process repeats one-to-four times according to selection. With each cycle of vacuum and steam-pulse, the air fraction decreases. This allows for complete air removal and faster and more efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load.

Ordering information: Freight and installation are not included but are required with purchase. A checklist must be presented to purchase.