EDU Culture Dish Control System, Bioptechs Inc.®

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EDU Culture Dish Control System, Bioptechs Inc.®
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
The EDU Culture Dish Control System is a simplified version of the Delta T® system

  • Enhance the instruction of biology
  • Includes curriculum relevant demonstrations
  • Temperature selection options
  • Basic X, Y translation built in
The EDU Starter Set includes all of the necessary components required for full system operation. The EDU Controller and Power Supply is an electronic, closed-loop temperature controller interfaced to EDU stage adapters.

It is designed to facilitate demonstrations of live cellular events in a classroom setting.

Certifications: CE certified.

Ordering information: EDU Starter Set includes, EDU controller, power supply, EDU stage adapter, one pack of 10 dishes, one hundred 22 mm coverslips, 22 mm glass spacer, coverslip weight, and 6 mm culture cylinder. When purchased individually, the controller and power supply comes with a multi-voltage AC input, 12 VDC output power supply. Also available separately, the EDU Stage Adapter is a metal plate containing a circuit board, temperature sensor, and electrical contacts that accept Delta T® dishes and enable X,Y translation of the specimen on any microscope.