Faraday Effect

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Faraday Effect
This apparatus is used to observe the rotation of the polarization plane if polarized monochromatic light is passing a flint glass in a magnetic field.

  • All connections are made using safety sockets
  • Digital Gauss Meter
  • Flint Glass
Principle and Working:

The angle of rotation of the polarization plane of plane polarized light through a flint glass is proportional to the length (L) and magnetic field (B).

Ordering information: Includes Flint glass with holder; Electromagnet Unit; Stand Base; Polarization / Analyzer; Translucent screen; Optical bench, 1 m; Digital Gauss meter with hall probe; Stand rod, 25 cm; Boss-head square; Plug Lead 100 cm, Black; Plug Lead 100 cm, Red; Plug Lead 50 cm, Yellow; Transversal Saddle; Plug Lead 100 cm, Yellow; He-Ne Laser(With laser version); Convex Lens in Holder f=+100 mm (With halogen version); Convex Lens in Holder f=+200 mm (With halogen version); Halogen lamp in housing (With halogen version); Set of Color filter With Holder(With halogen version).

Required but not included: Power supply 2-12V (for halogen lamp) Power supply 0 - 5 A (for electromagnet).