Neulog Physical Science Bundle

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Neulog Physical Science Bundle
Data Loggers
A set of eight NeuLog sensors that are great for use in a physical science class.

  • Collect data in the classroom or remotely
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, and chromebook
  • Free software available for download
  • Connect multiple sensors simultaneously to a single battery or connectivity module
The NeuLog probeware system is a complete data collection platform perfect for classroom use. Data are sent from the sensors to any computer via USB, bluetooth, or WiFi. A rechargeable battery makes remote data collection easy: the sensors will store the data for pre-defined experiments until they are uploaded to a computer later. The free software is powerful and easy to use.

This bundle of sensors supports experiments in motion, force, sound, light, and electricity.

Ordering information: Required but not included: NeuLog USB module or NeuLog bluetooth module (which also provide power for the sensors), or a NeuLog WiFi module plus a NeuLog rechargeable battery.

Delivery information: Bundle includes one each of the following: Voltage sensor, current sensor, light sensor, photogate, force sensor, sound sensor, motion sensor, acceleration sensor.
Please note: The magnetic field sensor has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and the bundle has been updated accordingly.

Caution: For educational use only.