Comply™ Lead Free Steam Indicator Tape, 3M™

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89368-632CS 328 USD
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Comply™ Lead Free Steam Indicator Tape, 3M™
Sterilization Indicators
This lead free indicator tape for steam sterilization consists of an adhesive, backing and chemical indicator stripes.

  • Lead free ink does not require hazardous waste disposal
  • Can be written on or labeled with pre-printed labels
  • Designed for use on all wraps
The adhesive is an aggressive, pressure sensitive designed to adhere to a variety of wraps, including untreated woven and disposable non‑woven, paper and paper/plastic wraps in order to secure the pack during steam sterilization. After sterilization, the tape is designed to remove easily and cleanly from untreated woven wraps. The backing is a beige colored crepe paper and provides the stretch needed for pack expansion during sterilization. The chemical indicator lines will show a visual color change from off‑white/tan to dark brown/black when exposed to a steam sterilization process.

Certifications: Conforms to ANSI/AAMII/ISO 11140-1:2005