BD SafetyGlide™ Syringes for Insulin, TB, and Allergy, BD

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BD305915CS 278.8 USD
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BD SafetyGlide™ Syringes for Insulin, TB, and Allergy, BD
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The BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe with Tiny Needle Technology completes the BD SafetyGlide line to meet your Sub-Q and intradermal injection needs

  • BD PrecisionGlide™ needle technology
  • One-handed activation
  • Proven dependability
  • Designed for efficiency
SafetyGlide syringes are designed with a permanently attached needle for minimal deadspace and minimal drug waste. The attached needle with Tiny Needle Technology helps meet Sub-Q and intradermal injection needs of the healthcare workers who administer these types of injections. A rotating safety arm allows for low angle injections.

SafetyGlide needles are designed for patient comfort, featuring one-handed activation. They require virtually no change in technique and require minimal training. Finger stays behind the needle at all times. There is virtually no splatter upon activation. Needles are detachable, allowing clinicians to change needles for aspiration and administration.

The permanently attached needle is designed with low waste space which may result in reduced medication waste.