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Ergopedia Optics
Our precision 1.4 meter extruded aluminum rail comes with three 50 mm optics mounts that slide easily and then lock down with thumbscrews. The rechargeable light source makes a perfect illuminated “object” for optics experiments, and the fixed spacing of the colored LEDs makes it easy to observe and measure image properties such as magnification, inversion, and brightness. A full set of 50mm lenses and mirrors provides endless opportunity for experiments. Pre-prepped lesson plans, easy-to-use components, well-illustrated powerpoint slides, and ready-to-use activity sheets make this program both easy to teach and academically rich. Take a giant step up from lenses and flashlights balanced on a meter stick! This reliable optics system will have your students completely engaged in wonderful physics, cool engineering and fundamental optical technology
Lessons include properties of light, optical devices, reflection, refraction of light, Snell's law and the critical angle, real and virtual images, ray tracing lenses, thin lens formula, compound optics, human vision and its correction, technology and digital images, light, color, frequency and energy levels of the atom.
Interactive simulations include images in convex spherical mirrors Images in concave spherical mirrors, forming images with a convex lens, compound optics, RGB color, interactive equations, light intensity, magnification, law of reflection, Snell’s law, critical angle for internal reflection, thin lens formula, magnification of object and image distances and the speed of light.

The Light and Optics kit contains 1.4 m extruded rail, 50 mm optics mounts (3), rechargeable light source, AC adapter/charger, refraction tank, triangular 45-45-90 degree glass prism, phosphorescent plastic, 50 mm convex lens, 10 cm focal length, 50 mm convex lens, 20 cm focal length, 50 mm convex lens, 50 cm focal length, 50 mm concave lens, 20 cm focal length, 50 mm convex mirror, 20 cm focal length, 50 mm concave mirror, 50 cm focal length, 50 mm flat mirror, 50 mm screen, 50 mm diffraction grating and eyeglasses.
The included software will run on Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Chromebook, and Android devices, except the Physics of Sound requires either a Windows or Mac OS X computer.

Ordering Information: The Teacher Kit includes one curriculum guide including student materials (for up to 150 students) and one complete set of Light and Optics for one group (See above for material list). The Add-On Kit includes one complete set of Light and Optics materials for one group.