Kyoto Kagaku® Tube Feeding Trainer

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Kyoto Kagaku® Tube Feeding Trainer
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Effective Training Tool For Healthcare Professionals And Caregivers

  • Oral, nasal and peg tube insertion
  • Tube placement confirmed by auscultation or observing the pathway
  • Compatible with liquid food formulas
  • Can be set in fowler's position
This tube Feeding Simulator is an effective training tool for caregivers of patients for tube feeding. The manikin has three routes for EN tubes and allows training with real liquid foods. To facilitate anatomical understanding, the set includes a feeding route panel a chest anatomy sheet to overlay on the mannequin. The placement of the tubes can be confirmed by auscultation as well as direct observation. The neck is flexible to demonstrate appropriate neck/head positioning.

Delivery information: For distribution within North America only.