USB Smartphone Charger with Meter Kit

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470118-652CS 503.65 USD
USB Smartphone Charger with Meter Kit
The Sunbender USB with a Digital Meter is the perfect kit for learning about solar energy.

  • Kit Includes Everything Needed Except Four AA Batteries
  • Lab Makes a Great Science Project
  • Instructions Included
  • High-Output USB Board
  • Basic Soldering and Construction Assembly Skills Required
It includes a high-output USB board that can charge even power-hungry phones like the iPhone 5. As long as there is enough power in the batteries from solar charging, this USB will charge a smartphone as fast as a charger plugged into a wall would. This do-it-yourself solar kit requires basic soldering skills and basic construction assembly skills.

The toggle switch lets users change from reading a digital meter to turning on the USB output. It also turns off the unit when it's not in use. Solar panels charge the AA batteries whenever they are in the sun, and the digital meter gives a gauge to let you know the state of the charge. A LED-indicator light is on the USB board. Green means on, and red means not enough power to output to USB.

Ordering information: This kit includes 2—3V 200mA polycrystalline solar panels, a USB-voltage regulator PCB, a AA battery holder, a digital voltmeter, a toggle switch, wires, hardware, and instructions with pictures. It also includes a plastic case that can be used as housing for the charger.