Animal Kingdom Sets: Acoelomates and General Specimens 3

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Animal Kingdom Sets: Acoelomates and General Specimens 3
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These Animal Kingdom sets include individually-labeled and jarred specimens representing the Acoelomates, which lack a coelom and demonstrate bilateral symmetry, plus other specimens for general study including Arthropods, Cnidarians, Echinoderms, Chordates and others.

The Acoelomates Animal Kingdom Set contains the following 12 specimens: Ascaris lumbricoides, Dipylidium canium, Taenia saginata, Clonorchis sinensi, Planaria, Sea Fan, Physalia, Aurelia, Cassiopeia Jellyfish, Comb Jelly, Scypha, and Commercial Sponge. The General Specimens 3 Animal Kingdom Set contains the following 12 specimens: Calliphora Adult, Corydalis cornuta Larva, Phalangid, Amphitrite, Freshwater Clam, Phascolosoma, Anolis carolinensis, , Amphioxus, Sea Cucumber, Gonionemus, and Chalina. The Acoelomates and General Specimens 3 Set combines all 24 specimens listed in both sets above, providing cost-savings and allowing students to investigate the differences between specimens within the animal kingdom.

Ordering information: Please note that exact species may very depending availability and regulatory changes. Please see our substitution list for the most common substitutions.




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