Animal Kingdom Sets: Deuterstomes and Protostomes

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Animal Kingdom Sets: Deuterstomes and Protostomes
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These Animal Kingdom sets include individually-labeled jars of representative specimens demonstrating the superphylum Deuterostomia, which consists of both Chordates and Echinoderms, and Protostomes, which differ from Deuterstomes in regards to embryonic development.

During Gastrulation in Protostomes, the mouth develops before the anus does. Deuterstomes Animal Kingdom Set contains the following 12 specimens: Pig Embryo, Bat, Iguana, Bullfrog Tadpole (no legs), Newt, Yellow Perch, Sea Horse, Dogfish Pup, Sea Peach, Sea Vase, Sand Dollar, and Purple Sea urchin. Protostomes Animal Kingdom Set contains the following 12 specimens: Fiddler Crab, Cicada Adult, Lubber Grasshopper, Millipede (Xystodesmidae), Southern Centipede, Scorpion, Leech, Clamworm, Land Snail, Bugula, Lingula anatina, and Fasciola hepatica. Deuterstomes and the Protostomes Animal Kingdom Set combines all 24 specimens listed in the Deuterstomes and Protostomes sets, providing cost-savings and allowing students to investigate the differences between the two superphyla.

Ordering information: Please note that exact species may very depending availability and regulatory changes. Please see our substitution list for the most common substitutions.




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