Shandon™ Finesse™ 325 Manual Microtome, Thermo Scientific

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Shandon™ Finesse™ 325 Manual Microtome, Thermo Scientific
This microtome is ideal for routine paraffin sectioning.

  • Quick–release cassette clamp and x–y orientation head supplied as standard
  • Disposable blades or standard microtome knives can be used with this unit (with the appropriate knife holder)
  • Modern Accu–Feed System provides high–quality, reproducible sections throughout the length of specimen travel
  • Accu–Feed specimen advance is selectable in 1µm steps from 1 to 30µm
  • Specimen tilt/orientation is ±5 degrees using X–Y micro adjustment
  • Precision response, free–running flywheel with ergonomic design
  • emovable deep debris tray for easy cleaning
Prevent repetitive stress injury with the lightly balanced flywheel of Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Finesse™ 325 Manual Microtome.

Certifications: CE marked.

Accessories information: Available Accessories: Service Manual; Universal Blade Holder Base and Top Stage; High Profile Blade Holder Base and Top Stage; Low Profile Blade Holder Base and Top Stage; Specimen holders, quick–release cassette holders, and vises.

Ordering information: Includes Fine orienting head; Standard quick release specimen clamp; Audible and visual specimen travel alarm/indicator; Organizer Tray; Debris tray; Dust cover; Microtome oil; Operator manual; Service Record Book. Note: Contents, Packaging, and Quantities of items listed are subject to change without prior notice. Specify Knife Holder at the time of order. Blade holders/Knife holders are not included with microtome unless ordering package.