Oprobe x100, 100MHz, 4kV - 3400 Series, 1.2m, ELD

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470095-196EA 66.99 USD
Oprobe x100, 100MHz, 4kV - 3400 Series, 1.2m, ELD
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A medium bandwidth, high voltage 100x passive voltage probe with a 100 MΩ input impedance.

  • 100 MHz (-3 dB) bandwidth
  • High impedance input (100 MΩ/≈5 pF)
  • 4,000 V CAT I
  • Voltage Coefficient (VCR) ≤30 ppm/V
Features & Benefits:

Slim, stylish body

Snap-Locking Sprung Hook

Easily replaceable tip

Large accessory set

Meets IEC 61010-031

RoHS compliant

The GE Series is a high quality, easy to use family of 5 mm Passive Voltage Oscilloscope probes in stylish, slim-line bodies. The series features superior input impedances for enhanced measurement performance when compared to other oscilloscope probes.


Type: 5 mm Passive Voltage

Bandwidth: 100 MHz

Attenuation: 100x

Input Impedance: 100 MΩ

Input Capacitance: ≈5 pF

Output Impedance: 1 MΩ

Risetime: 3.5 ns

IEC Rating: 4,000 V CAT I

Compensation: 10−30 pF

Cable Length: 1.2 m

Voltage Coefficient (VCR): ≤30 ppm/V (6%)

Operating Temperature: 0° to +50° C

Humidity: 85% RH or less (at 35° C)

RoHS (2002/95/EC)