Ward's® Lower Plant Kingdom Sets

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Ward's® Lower Plant Kingdom Sets
Connect students to the world of the lower plants with these sets of representative specimens in individually-labeled jars. Lower Plant Kingdom Set 1 contains the following 12 specimens: Fir Twig, Lycopodium, Salvinia, Equisetum, Sphagnum Sporophyte, Polytrichum Sporophyte, Marcantia Antheridia, Ulva, Acetabularia, Irish moss, Polysiphonia, and Fucus.Lower Plant Kingdom Set 2 contains the following 12 specimens: 2nd Year Female Pine Cone, Male Pine Cone, Larch Twig, Ginko Fruit, Ginko Leaf, Psilotum, Polypodium, Dryopteris, Mnium, Ricciocarpus riccia, Cladophora, Chara, Corallina Algae and Spruce Cone. Complete Lower Plant Kingdom Set combines all specimens in Lower Plant Kingdom Sets 1 and 2 to make one economical set of 24 specimens in individually labeled jars.