Complete Plant Kingdom Set of 72

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470112-830EA 430 USD
Complete Plant Kingdom Set of 72
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Plant Materials
This complete set of 72 specimens is the economical choice for the most complete classroom collection of plant specimens. Set is comprised of all individually-labeled and jarred specimens from each of the Monera, Plantae, and Fungi, Higher Plant Kingdom, and Lower Plant Kingdom sets.

Specimens included are: Physarum, Slime Mold, Serratia marcescens, Micrococcus luteus, Lichen Foliose, Penicillium, Venturia inaequalis, Lycoperdon, Tooth Funoogus , Cedar Apple, Corn Smut, Laminaria, Sargassum, Oscillatoria, Nostoc, Matchstick Lichen, Reindeer Moss, Cup Fungus, Lichen Crustose, Black Knot Fungus, Mushroom, Pore Fungus, Wheat Rust, Rhizopus, Fir Twig, Lycopodium, Salvinia, Equisetum, Sphagnum Sporophyte, Polytrichum Sporophyte, Marcantia Antheridia, Ulva, Acetabularia, Irish moss, Polysiphonia, Fucus, 2nd Year Female Pine Cone, Male Pine Cone, Larch Twig, Ginko Fruit, Ginko Leaf, Psilotum, Polypodium, Dryopteris, Mnium, Ricciocarpus riccia, Cladophora, Chara, Corallina Algae, Spruce Cone, Queen Anne's Lace Flower, Maple flower and fruit, Ragweed, Sundew, Soy Bean, Apple Fruit, Mulberry Fruit, Poison Ivy Leaf and Berry, Dodder on Host, Mayapple Flower, Elodea, Yucca Flower and Fruit, Dogwood Twig, Radish Seedling, Bean Pod, Acorn, Bladderwort, Basswood Stem X-Section, Buttercup Flower, Cherry Fruit, Strawberry Fruit, Lily Leaf, Corn Seedling, Oat Flower.