FTA® Cards, Qiagen

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FTA® Cards, Qiagen
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
For the collection, transport, archiving and isolation of nucleic acids at room temperature.

  • Nucleic acids are captured, immobilized, and stabilized for storage, all in one easy step
  • Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 minutes
  • Different card options to support manual or automated processing for fast and efficient sampling
  • Nucleic acids collected on FTA Cards remain stable for years at room temperature
  • Indicating FTA Cards change color upon sample application to facilitate handling of colorless samples
FTA technology has the ability to lyze cells on contact, denature proteins, and protect DNA from degradation. FTA chemistry contains chemical denaturants and a free radical scavenger. With FTA, the DNA remains tightly bound while proteins and inhibitors are washed from the matrix. There are three options for DNA analysis with FTA cards: direct amplification, standard amplification with rinsing (“punch-in” method), and extraction of DNA from the card.

FTA® Classic Card: Four sample areas for application of up to 500 µl whole blood or 100 µl plant homogenate per card. Convenient for multiple applications of the same specimen or for collection of multiple animal or plant samples on one card.
FTA® Mini Card: Two sample areas for application of up to 250 µl whole blood or 50 µl plant homogenate per card. Convenient for protocols that require different locations for testing and archiving of samples.
FTA® Micro Card: One sample area for application of up to 125 µl whole blood or 25 µl plant homogenate per card. Recommended when only one sample is needed.
FTA® Gene Card: Enclosed in a rigid card frame. Three sample areas for application of up to 225 µl whole blood or 30 µl plant homogenate per card. Can be utilized in many automatic dispensing/pipetting systems when used with the FTA® Gene Card tray.

Indicating FTA® Cards: Same as standard card but with a color indicator that changes from pink to white when sample is applied. Recommended for use with colorless samples, such as buccal or cultured cells.

PlantSaver® FTA® Cards: Feature a laminated flap that allows vigorous crushing of the plant sample into the FTA® matrix without damaging the FTA® Card. Four sample areas per card.

FTA® Cards contain chemicals that lyze cells, denature proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidation and UV damage. The cards rapidly inactivate organisms, including blood-borne pathogens, and prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. FTA® Cards are available in a variety of configurations. Applications include forensics, transgenics, transfusion medicine, plasmid screening, drug discovery and genomics.