Go Wireless® Temp

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Go Wireless® Temp
Vernier Go Wireless Temp is a rugged, general-purpose, wireless temperature sensor that you can use just like a thermometer.

  • Wireless capability up to 30 m
  • Use like a thermometer
  • For a variety of experiments
The durability, temperature range, and wireless capability make this sensor perfect for a variety of uses.

Go Wireless Temp Teacher Pack includes 8 Go Wireless Temperature Probes, a Go Wireless Charging station, and free Go Wireless Temp app.

Temperature range: –40 to 125°C
Handle temperature range: –10 to 45°C
Resolution: 0.07°C
Battery charge time: Approximately 2 hours from discharged to fully charged
Maximum wireless range: 30 m unobstructed

Experiment possibilities include:
Science fair projects
Monitoring environmental conditions
Monitoring the temperature in a fish tank or greenhouse
Measure the rate of temperature change of liquid in a Thermos™
Measuring the temperature of the air coming from an air conditioner or furnace.