SCIENCEWARE® Fillpour™ Dialysis Tube Funnels, Bel-Art

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SCIENCEWARE® Fillpour™ Dialysis Tube Funnels, Bel-Art
Funnels Filtration Funnels Filter Funnels
Funnels reduce difficulties in handling narrow dialysis bags.

  • Non-reactive
  • Improve pouring accuracy
  • Autoclavable
Dialysis tubing is cut to length and knotted at the end. The other end is slipped onto the tube and held with Silicone Rubber Loops (see 11215-974 series), or a rubber band. Three tube steps fit various sizes of dialysis tubing, and a triple-notched universal hanger supports the funnel on the edge of any vessel. Funnels also feature a captive cap with writing area. Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).