Show Me Science Chemistry & Physics - Chemistry: Making Modern Miracles

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Show Me Science Chemistry & Physics - Chemistry: Making Modern Miracles
The 9-title Wonders of Physics and Chemistry series covers everything from the definition of an atom to the science of light. Students can start to develop basic understandings of the fundamentals of science, then work their way up to more complex subjects. Each program includes a subject specific teachers guide which includes subject matter revision and suggestions on how to present material, questions to ask students, and class projects to help illustrate the key concepts. Science has made astounding progress in the chemistry lab, making way for many of our modern comforts and technological advancements. Chemists study matter at its most basic level by looking at the molecules that make up the universe around us. From this level, they are able to combine these molecules in new and innovative ways to create some of the miracles of our modern world, like space-age materials and breakthrough medications. This program explains the basics of molecules, atoms, and elements in order to demonstrate how chemistry applies to our daily lives. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, computers, transportation, and progress toward a cleaner environment are all possible because of important steps taken by chemists.

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