Triumph Board 78" Resistive USB

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470018-976BX 930.23 USD
Triumph Board 78" Resistive USB
This interactive board connects to a computer through a fast USB 2.0 interface. Just plug-and-play for a more interactive lecture and more efficient lessons. Users can write, draw and move objects with stylus, pen, or finger. Touch sensitive (resistive) technology uses two flexible sheets coated with a resistive material and separated by gap. A uniform voltage gradient is applied to one sheet. When contact is made to the touchscreen surface, the two sheets are pressed together and the second sheet measures the voltage as a distance along the first sheet. This combination of voltage and distance provide X coordinate. After the X coordinate is located, the process repeats itself by applying uniform voltage gradient to the second sheet in order to find the Y coordinate. This entire process happens in a matter of milliseconds, oblivious to human eye. Supports Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista.

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