Triumph Board Projector, UST-W DLP

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Triumph Board Projector, UST-W DLP
Present without distractions using the widescreen PJ260 UST-W DLP projector. The specially designed lens produces huge images from an extremely short distance allowing you to stand closer to the screen, preventing shadows and green glare. Ideal for almost any room in educational and corporate environ-ments, the PJ260 UST-W DLP makes the most of the available space for installations using screens and interactive whiteboards.Captivate your audience, increase their learning potential and help improve results with lessons in incredible 2D or 3D. Using the specially designed wall mount and clever cable management system the PJ260 UST-W DLP is simple to install. Once in place the many security features ensure the projector is safe and secure. Designed with the user in mind, the PJ260 UST-W DLP with 3500 ANSI Lumens of brightness, incorporates extensive connectivity, power-ful 10W stereo speakers and C r e s t r o n R o o m V i e w ® control to maintain and monitor the projector over the network. The environmentally friendly PJ260 UST-W DLP has energy saving features including <0.5W standby mode and auto power off saving you both time and money. Our unique Colour and Imager guarantees ensure hassle-free, long-lasting projection.