Science Olympiad: Can't Judge a Powder

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Does not include all needed substances - Only 6 of 18 substances listed in your kit! The kits are back ordered. The kits are over-priced. You should sell a chemicals only kit.
Reply associate Published 11/11/2019
We sincerely apologize for the incomplete kit you received. It was an unfortunate oversight in production, but we will remedy the situation for you. You can also purchase a chemicals only kit using item number 2124000. We are always open to feedback from our customers on how to improve our kits and thank you for taking the time to provide your input. Please note all efforts have been made to have 2014 kits in stock and ready for order this fall to give all Science Olympiad teams time to prepare. And, the cost and time savings to coaches with our kits are significant when compared to gathering all materials separately and independently.
470214-372KT 108.15 USD
Science Olympiad: Can't Judge a Powder
The Can’t Judge a Powder kit contains the following:
2 - Apron, Vinyl
1 - Boric Acid, 100G
1 - Brush, Test Tube
1 - Calcium Carbonate, 10G
1 – Can’t Judge a Powder, Science Olympiad Event Rules
1 - Conductivity Indicator With LED & Battery
1 - Copper(II) Chloride Powder, 100 G
1 - Dropper/Pipet, disposable, Pkg/20
2 - Goggles, Safety
1 - Hand Lens 3X/6X1 - Hydrochloric Acid Quickprep 30 ML MAKES 250 mL
1 - Narrow Mouth Wash Bottle, 125mL
1 - pH Paper Wide Range, Vial/100
1 - Polyacrylamide, 30G
1 - Scoopula, PK/20
1 - Sodium Acetate, 10 G
1 - Sodium Hydroxide,1.0 M, 100 ML
2 - Spot Plate, Polystyrene, 12 Wells
2 - Stirring Rod
5 - Test Tube, 13X100
1 - Test Tube Rack
1 - Thermometer
1 - Tongs, Flask & Test Tube