MakerBot Replicator™ 2X Dual Extruder 3D Printer

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MakerBot Replicator™ 2X Dual Extruder 3D Printer
Engage students in the innovative process of 3D printing used in real-world engineering and development with this full-featured desktop 3D printer. A super flat build plate, a draft-blocking enclosure, and completely re-engineered dual extruders. The Replicator™ 2X explores everything possible in desktop 3D printing today. The high-tolerance aluminum build plate is anodized for longevity and durability, and machined for crucial flatness to prevent warping or sagging that can affect print quality. Surface tape comes cut-to-size for smooth, hassle-free application, while better temperature control keeps build plate heated precisely and evenly throughout. Re-designed filament feeding system dramatically reduces stripping, skipping, and jamming, and convenient filament lever makes loading filament as easy as flipping a light switch. New thermal core design stablizes internal temperature for more reliable prints.
Includes Software Bundle: MakerWare™ Bundle 2.0. Compatible with Windows (XP/7), Ubuntu Linux (11.10+), Mac OS X (10.6+). AC Input: 100—240V, ~4 amps,50—60 Hz; Power Requirements: 24V DC @ 9.2 amps; Connectivity: USB, SDcard (included). Size: With Spool: 19.1 x 16.5 x 20.9 in; Weight: 27.8 lbs.

The printer comes with 2-one pound spools, one red and one natural.