Starry Night Enthusiast CD-ROM

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Starry Night Enthusiast CD-ROM
Easy to Learn Desktop Planetarium

Designed for anyone with an interest in the night sky, you can see the sky from anywhere on Earth or from any solar system body or location up to 20,000 light years away. As you navigate through space you can view a million different stars, as well as 3 million deep-space objects. You can also instantly identify any constellation, e-mail your latest discoveries to others, or stay current through instant online upgrades. You will also receive the Starry Night Companion, a guide to the night sky using this program, as well as Atlas of the Sky DVD.System RequirementsMac: PowerPC or better, OS X, 24MB RAMWindows: Pentium processor, Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP, 24MB RAM